I'm a keynote speaker who is invited to venues worldwide.

Recent Engagements

Innovating Intentionally | June 29, 2017 | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Keynote. Innovating Intentionally is a celebration of Barra’s grantees, a showcase of exciting innovations from the Barra network and an opportunity for nonprofit leaders to connect across disciplines.

AAM 2017 | May 8, 2017 | St. Louis, Missouri

Session: Better Flow for a Better Experience 

MCN 2016 | November 4, 2016 | New Orleans, Louisiana

Session: The View from the Top: An Executive Roundtable on Technology, Digital Transformation, Organizational Change and the Future of Museums

MCG Museums+Tech 2016 | October 19, 2016 | London, England

Closing Keynote: How to Change the Tires on a Moving Truck exploring the challenges of moving from Brooklyn to the Barnes, deploying short-term solutions while working towards institutional change, and the shift from ‘digital’ to Chief Experience Officer.

CanUX | November 7-8, 2015 | Ottawa, Canada

CanUX is an event created for the Canadian design and technology community interested in learning and sharing their expertise about experience design, and how the technology profession contributes to making a better world for everyone.

Arts Marketing 2015 | October 26-28, 2015 | Madrid, Spain

The fifth edition of the annual conference of arts marketing in Spain, hosted by ASIMÉTRICA, explored the theme of "Change of Mentality."

MuseumNext | September 25-26, 2015 | Indianapolis, Indiana and April 19-21, 2015 | Geneva, Switzerland

MuseumNext focuses on the future of museums with conferences that showcase best practice today to shine light on the museum of tomorrow. 

Webstock | February 16-20, 2015 | Wellington, New Zealand

Held annually in Wellington, New Zealand, Webstock is a web technology conference featuring a range of high-profile speakers covering a variety of web-related topics such as accessibility, usability, ethnographic design and development practices.

Design Matters | November 11, 2014 | Washington, D.C.

Hosted by the Association of Architecture Organizations, the conference theme of "Crafting the Story" took a close look at how architectural organizations could construct more effective program narratives.

Let's Get Real | September 18, 2014 | Brighton, United Kingdom

Let's Get Real is hosted by Culture24, an independent organization in the UK which supports the cultural sector in reaching and connecting with audiences.