Moving on to Mobile

The GO web team—along with David Wilkinson, who’s working with us to develop the iPhone app from across the pond—is putting in a lot of hours right now on mobile development because we have a lot of ground to cover in the next month. In addition to the iPhone app and SMS text check-in, we’ll be developing a mobile-friendly check-in page because we expect mobile use to increase substantially as people move about Brooklyn during the open studio weekend.

This is quite the contrast from the artist registration period when we felt most users would be utilizing desktops or laptops to create their profiles. In those early phases of the site, we concentrated our web development efforts on creating a solid experience, but not a mobile one. As we move into later phases of the project, we are switching gears and spending more time on mobile development because we know in this stage it’s going to really count.

As you can see here, during artist registration the majority of users were not visiting the site using mobile.

During artist registration, when we contrast “visits” to “visit duration,” you can see 16.88% may have visited GO on their mobile devices, but only 4.9% stuck around for any kind of duration. This isn’t too surprising because the site wasn’t optimized for small screens, but I’m not sure if this represents traffic we lost or if artists just went to their desktops/laptops to complete registration.

Across the board our statistics were showing Apple devices as the majority visiting the site during the artist registration period. Given that we had to select just one platform for the upcoming app (limited budget, limited time meant one platform), we’re hoping these metrics are similar among voters because the iPhone is what we developed for.

With the aim to make the mobile experience inclusive as possible, text messaging will work across all mobile devices which is why its always been at the very top of the web development todo list.

Of course, there’s one thing that does not require any web development at all. For those participants who don’t want anything to do with a mobile device during the open studio weekend, there’s always the clipboard to write down artist codes and enter them back on the website!