Members GO

You may remember that GO has neighborhood coordinators working within local areas throughout Brooklyn to engage artists and potential studio visitors? It’s this kind of local engagement that we see as one of the most successful parts of GO, and you’ll find “going local” thinking is resonating throughout the project.

Brooke Affleck, the Museum’s Membership Manager, has been modeling member engagement for GO with many of these same ideas. Using zip codes, Brooke looked at artist registrations for GO and compared them to residential areas where Brooklyn Museum members reside; any time she had a match, she created an email list for that local area. In early August, Brooklyn-based members started receiving emails asking if they’d be interested in leading an art walk for other members during the GO open studio weekend. This specific and local call to action was something we thought would be compelling.

23 members in 15 neighborhoods responded to this call and they are now rapidly organizing art walks to take place throughout the open studio weekend. After they set up their itineraries and times for walks, Brooke will be emailing the entire membership base (those in Brooklyn and beyond) with the schedule, so that all of our supporters can sign up and visit studios throughout Brooklyn not only with other members, but with a series of local experts helping lead them.

Last week, we held a planning meeting with some of the members who will be leading art walks during the open studio weekend. If you see them during the weekend, be sure to say hello to Joe (Sunset Park); Debbie (Sheepshead Bay); Victoria (Ditmas Park); Anne (Red Hook); Brooke (Membership Manager); David (Prospect Lefferts Gardens); Inga (Senior Manager for Individual Giving); Brian (Park Slope); Rebecca (Park Slope); Nadine (East New York); Brian (Park Slope); Alice (Cobble Hill); Marea (Brooklyn Heights).

If you are a Brooklyn Museum member, look for an email soon about Members GO. We’d love to see you on one of our art walks!