Let's Celebrate the Awesome Voters!

Cheers went up in the web office as our dev team released the “awesome voters” board!  As of now, we have 1753 registered voters and you can peruse profiles and voter itineraries using this area of the website.

What makes an awesome voter?  We calculate your awesomeness based on your creating an itinerary, and later, on your check-ins, distanced traveled, number of neighborhoods you’ve crossed, and special bonus points for visiting neighborhoods where there are fewer than 10 registered studios.  

Voters who go the distance will be awarded with swag at the GO opening on December 1.  At the close of the open studio weekend, we’ll be emailing awesome voters to tell them to come say hello at the opening and claim their swag.  This also allows GO staff to personally thank them for their efforts.

GO get on the awesome voter board!!