Split Second Thank You

The online evaluation phase of Split Second: Indian Paintings came to a close yesterday evening and now it's time to say thanks to everyone who gave us some of their time to help us build the show that will open this summer.  In the end, 4,617 participants created 176,394 ratings and spent 7 minutes and 32 seconds on average in their session with us. Those of you who took part in this helped contribute a massive amount of data to the project and we can't thank you enough for your time. We'll release the data that surrounds the paintings when the show opens on July 13th, but in the meantime I'll publish some pretty graphs and charts that Paul has been working on; these will give you an quick view of the demographic breakdown.

Split Second Stats

This breakdown will show you how far participants got during the online evaluation and where they stopped in the process.  We're pretty happy that the majority of participants made it all the way through and some even gave us more of their time by completing extra rounds of the speed trial. If you need a refresher on how the tool was designed, check out previous Split Second blog posts.

Split Second Completion

Speaking of time, you may notice that we've got a fairly large window between now and when the show opens and we're going to need it!  One thing we learned from Click! is we could have used more time between the close of the online evaluation and the opening of the exhibition.  In Split Second's case, this is especially true.   The data set is much more complex, conservation needs time to review the paintings in the final checklist, objects need to be framed and matted, there's a massive amount of writing to be done and the gallery design is going to be challenging.  This promises to be a rigorous few months, but we're looking forward to it. Stay tuned...we'll be sharing a lot more come mid-July.